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Head Spas can vary, but generally, the process involves gently steaming the scalp with a micro-mist coupled with a scalp massage that exfoliates. Then, pressure points are focused on using essential oils, which increases blood flow. This combination loosens clogging substances from the scalp and encourages rejuvenation. After the initial steps, a suction-style deep cleanse finishes the treatment, which can also have a soothing ASMR effect. To reap the benefits of a head spa, regular treatments work best. You can complete the treatment at a hair salon or do it yourself at home.

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A Salon Head Spa Treatment?

If you visit  our salon for a head spa treatment, you'll likely experience something similar to this process:

  1. Analyze the scalp. Typically the practitioner will take a few moments to discuss your hair and scalp concerns with you. They'll look at your scalp and assess the damage.

  2. Add steam. Covering the hair with a cap, they'll use a steaming device to start lifting stubborn buildup.

  3. Good massage. Depending on your needs, the practitioner will apply pressure where necessary to promote healthy blood flow across the body and apply oil to soothe stress and rejuvenate the hair and scalp.

  4. Rinse and relax. The stylist will rinse your hair with shampoo and style it as usual.


The Benefits of a  Scalp Treatment?

Exfoliation is key to a head spa, which makes it especially popular for those struggling with excess sebum, clogged hair follicles and even dandruff. People with an oily scalp can experience hair thinning when excess sebum gets stuck around the base of the hair shaft, clogging the follicles and making conditions for the hair to grow more challenging. In addition, the exfoliation motion used in a head spa shifts build-up and can help remove lingering products, such as dry shampoo.


The Results?

While scalp treatments work especially well for those with an oily scalp, everyone can enjoy the soothing results. Those suffering from hair loss, dandruff and a dry scalp will feel revived and soothed after each treatment. Because the Japanese head spa focuses on scalp health, removing build-up could help ease inflammation and help hair thrive.

Whether you're experiencing the effects of hair loss or you simply want to experience thicker, denser hair, easy and accessible at-home scalp treatments are a great alternative to costly salon appointments. The entire all-natural line of scalp care products from Philly Hair Healer has been clinically proven to encourage hair health and promote gorgeous, glossy strands from root to tip. Healthy hair starts at the scalp, and Philly Hair Healer is here to help boost your hair wellness from the inside out!



Botanical Deep Scalp Spa

Deep cleaning and exfoliation of the scalp without any stress on your scalp and hair. Deep scalp massage will stimulate blood circulation and nourish your roots, leading to a healthy scalp and hair. We offer three durations.

$60 45min / $80 60min / $100 75min

Dry Scalp Care

Treatment designed to address the needs of a dry and flakey scalp to relieve irritation, dryness, and itchiness. It works to prevent wrinkles and thinning hair as well.

$95 60min session

Oily Scalp Care

Treatment designed to control overactive oil production, eliminate odor, and revive hair.

$95 60min session


Hair Growth Treatment

Treatment designed to prevent thinning hair and hair loss. Deep exfoliation will unclog follicles for promotion of healthy hair growth. Periodic treatment will be recommended, and overall diet advice will be included.

$125 60min session

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