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New Services

Hair Consultation/Scalp Analysis (30 minutes)      $50

During the consultation, I will look at your hair and scalp through a magnified scope that you can see on a screen.  You will become aware of any hair and scalp conditions you may have and detect potential hair loss. I will ask various questions about your wants and needs for your hair.  From that create a treatment plan to promote the overall longevity and health of your hair.

 *Required for all new clients at time-of-service booking. Required for all previous clients by June the 1st.


 Wig Consultation (30 mins)      $50

During the consultation, I will ask a series of questions about your needs and wants of your wig. I will take your head measurements and well as explain the wig process.


Straightening Brush (15 min)    $15

The straightening brush is prep for either a press and curl, braids, or a weave.  It makes the press last longer, the braids cleaner and the weave flatter

*Typically for thick hair clients, tight curl clients or coarse hair clients


Weave Curl          $20

Spiral or Barrel curls put in the hair through thermal irons

 Pre shampoo       starting at $20

 Comb out and detangle of hair that has not been managed or has been enclosed for a long period of time such as braids or weaves


Ozone treatment/ Scalp Detox & Exfoliation (1 hour)      $110

The scalp is exfoliated and deep treated under a ozone machine to allow proper oxygen in to clear seen and unseen buildup.  The promotes hair growth and reduces scalp inflammation & scalp disorders. The ultimate deep cleansing (Compare to a facial, but on the scalp)

*This service is sold in packages of 3 or 5 and must be prepaid. Payment plan options available


Steam Treatment (15 min)            $25

The hair & scalp is sanitized through distilled molecules and UV oxygen light


 Braid take out      Starting at $20


 Post Set     $15

Flexi Rod, Pin curl or Wrapping of the hair once the hair style is finished


 Eyebrow wax & pop         $20

Eyebrows are waxed. I create ombre effect using eyebrow pencil and concealer.  Will have you popping!

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