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Meet Our Founder & CEO,

Alexis Baxter is recognized as a distinguished figure in the beauty industry, with certifications as a State Board Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Hair Loss Practitioner, and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Specialist.

In 2007, Alexis Baxter established COSSET BEAUTY LOUNGE. Her own experience with hair loss due to Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease propelled her search for hair care solutions. By 2024, she transitioned from running a traditional salon to opening a hair loss clinic and hair restoration center, thus creating a hybrid salon. She introduced Philly Hair Healer, a product line offering hair loss solutions, starting with the Hair Detox System, a unique three-step regimen designed to promote a healthy hair and scalp, which has since expanded into a full hair care line.




Beyond her work with PHILLY HAIR HEALER, Alexis serves as a beauty business mentor, author, and instructor. She takes great pride in being a role model for young girls and is the founder of the Alexis Baxter Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to mentoring young girls through a beauty-centric curriculum. Her influence extends nationwide with endorsements from beauty schools and beauty trade shows.

Alexis dedicates herself to empowering women and girls globally with her beauty solutions, entrepreneurial expertise, and mentorship.

PHILLY HAIR HEALER at COSSET BEAUTY LOUNGE also focuses on educating and empowering communities, particularly women of color, about hair loss, advocating for a regimen that promotes healthy hair and scalp.


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