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Meet the Master Wig Maker , Beauty Entrepreneur, and Salon Owner, Alexis Baxter

Welcome to Cosset Beauty Lounge.

My name is Alexis Baxter. I have over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. I’ve had a series of experiences that have shaped me into the Beauty Mogul I am today. Let us start from the beginning. I knew that I was going to be a hairstylist at an incredibly early age. In an era when college was the priority thing, I defied all odds and went to beauty school in 2002 and got my Cosmetology License. I immediately began working as an assistant in beauty salons getting as many direct and background experience as I could in the salon.  I worked in an urban neighborhood salon as well as an upscale downtown salon. During that time, I had an opportunity to travel and do hair. So, I became a traveling beautician. I traveled between NY and Maryland doing hair for young girls in group homes. That initiated the drive to have my own business. I began to save my money and look for a building for my salon. In the meanwhile, I worked at a nursing home facility doing hair for seniors.


At the age of twenty-four, I opened Cosset Beauty Lounge. Running my salon had been a whirlwind, but I grew the most at my salon. I wanted to be more than a hair stylist or salon owner, I wanted to be a beauty mogul/ beauty businesswoman.


So, I really engulfed myself into the beauty industry full speed. Over the years, I started a nonprofit for girls that are interested in the beauty field and started a hair retail/product business. I also started a custom wig business and began teaching classes. I’ve rebranded my salon as a treatment based/ hair loss & replacement salon eliminating many past services. 

I have begun setting up a virtual portal with all my resources for those who need help navigating through this beauty business. This includes classes, eBooks, webinars, and programs that will put you in the position to be successful in the beauty field.

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