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Meet Our Founder & CEO,

Alexis Baxter founded PHILLY HAIR HEALER in 2023 after a health scare that resulted in her diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease. This disease directly affected her hair loss and structure. This catapulted her journey for hair detox and hair care.  The company began with one specific product system, the Hair Detox System, a unique 3-step process of key ingredients that support healthy hair and scalp.


Since then, PHILLY HAIR HEALER has expanded to adding supportive hair care products as well. PHILLY HAIR HEALER has landed a deal of being carried in a black-owned local hair store with plans to expand into a wider market in the future.

In addition to her work with PHILLY HAIR HEALER, Alexis Baxter is recognized as a leading force in the beauty industry. She is a State Board Certified Cosmetologist and Hair Loss Specialist. She has been servicing clients for over 2 decades at her beauty salon, Cosset Beauty Lounge.  In addition, she is a beauty business mentor, author and instructor.  She is most fulfilled with being a role model among young girls. She is a founder of Alexis Baxter Foundation, a non-profit that focuses on mentoring young girls through a beauty based curriculum. Alexis Baxter has also been endorsed by beauty schools and beauty trade shows nationwide.


Alexis is committed to inspiring women and girls around the world through her beauty solutions, business savvy and her mentorship at Bank On Beauty. Additionally, PHILLY HAIR HEALER aims to empower communities and women of color through a healthy regimen and self-care worldwide.

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